Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Creation Icon from Fr. Leo

The style of this Icon is in the tradition of Eastern Orthodox iconography, a multi-layered method of painting from the darkness of non-being to the light of life. Icons are "theology in color", "windows to heaven”. Here the subject conflates the time lapse of the creation story into one image. Christ is seen descending in the clouds of heaven with a blessing for all that He has created. The Holy Spirit is depicted as a Dove from heaven. The Father is symbolized as a hand of creative blessing from above. Eve is seen coming from the side of Adam who is asleep during the event.

What a joy it will be when he wakes up and beholds the masterpiece that God has created while he slept. All the animals and fishes are painted in twos, indicating they are still with us. Those that later become extinct are painted as individuals. The newly created heavens compose a background for all that is created on earth.  Note the serpent slithering down the fruited tree on the far right. The icon expresses, not how the creation took place, but by Whom all was created. God said, “Let it be!” and “Bang!” There it was. Fr. Leo can be reached at (925) 456-0845 or