Friday, January 18, 2013

Iconography by the Hand of Archpriest Leo Arrowsmith

Priest-iconographer Fr. Leo  is the Rector of St. Innocent of Alaska Orthodox Church in Livermore CA.   Fr. Leo attended Icon workshops under Russian masters at Prosopon. Iconographers from throughout the world and from many eras have influenced him.

For more than twenty years Fr. Leo has been blessed to paint more than 60 icons for his own parish church and for homes throughout the United States.  It is his prayer that God will use his work in a way that people will learn of the love of God.  


At present time I accept commissions for the creation of  icons for personal devotion. Besides commissioned work, I have created giclee copies of my original work which are also available.

I am also available to lecture about Iconography and the Orthodox Christian faith in Churches and on College campuses.

Approximate pricing guidelines are shown below. (these pricing guidelines do not include shipping or Sales Tax for CA residents)

(Single Half-Figure)

* 5" x 6"                  $125

* 7" x 9"                  $200

8" x 10"                   $300

9 1/2" x 12 1/2"       $375

11" x 14"                 $425

15" x 15"                 $600

13" x 17"                 $600

15" x 20"                 $750

17" x 21"                 $825

18" x 24"                 $900

24" x 36"                 $1400

* Note: Because of the difficulty of detail — 5" x 6" & 7" x 9" are typically for head & shoulders (half figure) icons only.

Important Notes:
Full Figure images should be 13" x 17" or larger  Traditional Festal Icons should be 18" x 24" or larger.
Exact pricing will depend on several factors. When sending your inquiry, please provide a detailed description of your desired icon including:
subject or subjects
full-Figure(s) or half-Figure(s)
guilding options (full, halo, no guild, etc.)
desired borders or other preferences

Please note:
Dear Patrons,
When commissioning an icon, it is important to be aware of the fact that most of the famous icons of the world are 24” x 36” or larger. The detail that is so easily represented in a print is due to the fact that the image has usually been reduced many times. For this reason the same detail that you may see in an 8” x 10” print may not be reproduceable in an actually hand-painted icon.

As an iconographer, the most important detail for me in the icon is the face. This is where the eyes and expression will hopefully lead us spiritually to an experience of the heavenly. This is not to devaluate the rest of the image, but to hopefully suggest that sacrificing the size of the face for the sake of excess detail in a smaller icon may not be beneficial.

An icon is a spiritual investment. The icons you receive will last many generations. They are not just symbols for the wall or copies of famous images, but individually part of the common experience of the Church. No two icons are ever exactly alike. The icon that you receive will be unique and communal, hopefully acting as a spiritual tool helping all who view it in their journey towards the Truth. Icons are not just reminders of the Faith or symbolic theology, but a mystical point where the wall between this world and the next becomes a translucent veil helping us to shed the scales from our eyes and open our hearts to heaven.

Your unworthy servant,

Archpriest Leo

If you wish to proceed and commission the icon, we will then provide you with an invoice for the quoted amount. Orders less than $500 will need to be paid in advance. For larger orders (over $500), you have the option of an initial invoice of 50% of the quotation up-front and 50% upon completion of your icon. These invoices can be paid by check.

Use the form below to send us your hand-written icon inquiry and we will contact you about the details.
Full Name:
City, State Zip:

Enter the type and size of the icon,
a description and the subject(s) you are interested in below:
(for an accurate quote—please be as detailed as possible)
Currently, hand-painted icons can be provided within 1-3 months upon the receipt of an order.

Iconography by the Hand of

Archpriest Leo Arrowsmith

2987 College Ave #165
Livermore CA 94550


  1. Fr. Leo is my priest. He is an extremely talented iconographer, who has left our small church a rich legacy of beauty. He puts his entire faith into his Orthodox art. If you decide to commission an icon, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

  2. Priest-iconographer Fr. Leo is the Former Rector of St. Innocent of Alaska Orthodox Church in Livermore CA.